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Recognized as being unique, Profiles International is known for delivering talent management solutions ranging from high C-suite level to frontline associates.

All in One "Total Person" Assessment

Profiles International prides itself with its one of a kind “Total Person” assessment approach, the ProfileXT®. The ProfileXT® is unique in terms of what it measures, the integrated Job Match technology, and the multi-purpose reports that can be generated to help you manage your employees’ life-cycle within your company.

The ProfileXT® measures how well an individual fits specific jobs through integrating Thinking Styles, Behavioral Traits, and Occupational Interests all together under one solution. It is customizable, and peak job performance models can be developed by company, position, manager or geography to predict Job Match with job’s competency requirements.

Highly Reliable Solutions

Profiles International Reliability Coefficient Alpha results meet and exceed the scientifically-established and industry-accepted guideline of α = .70 for each and every scale assessed. Unlike competition where some of their scales may fail to meet the industry standard for acceptable scale reliability, Profiles International is the only company that has a global policy to provide its clients with highly reliable and valid assessment solutions across all the items measured.

Validated for the Region

Profiles International has conducted validation studies in over 80 countries including the Middle East and North Africa. Validation studies are critical and important as they provide evidence to ensure that the assessments being introduced in a country or a region are actually measuring what they are designed to measure. As a result, you can relax and rest assured that our series of questions have proven to be meaningful and compatible with the diverse cultures and norms.

Our Assessments’ Questionnaires

Profiles International solutions are available in over 30 languages including Arabic language.

Our Assessments’ Reports

Profiles International appreciates the time and resources of its clients. As a result, Profiles International solutions provide the users of its assessments user-friendly reports in different forms with carefully designed content. The content ranges from summaries and graphs targeting qualified and experienced users, to comprehensive descriptive reports designed to target fresh users with minimum knowledge about employee assessments.

All our reports are available in over 30 languages including Arabic language.

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