Leadership Development

It is important to understand that not all people in leadership positions are effective leaders, but they can be developed into excellent leaders. Also, we should keep in mind that some managers should be trained and groomed to become future leaders.

What makes a great leader?

  • Capability and interest to lead
  • Understanding the people they lead
  • Understanding themselves and how they impact their people
  • Understanding their purpose as both a leader and a manager of people

360° Leadership Evaluation

To build future leaders we should provide the business leaders with information about how to be successful by doing the right things, the right way. And in order to have the right information and customized roadmap we need to have reliable tools that can provide us with the reliable information.

360° Feedback Systems

An Organization's productivity is affected directly by developing interpersonal skills and fine-tuning management methods.

How a 360° System Works

The CheckPoint 360° surveys 70 leadership behaviors, which fall into eight universal management and leadership competencies and 18 supporting skill sets.

Multi-rater feedback surveys are completed by managers, their bosses, their peers, and the people who report to them.

The data are compiled into thorough and concise reports for managers to see how their job performance is evaluated by the full circle of people who observe it. CheckPoint 360° reports include recommendations for professional development to enhance each manager's job performance.

Managing Managers

Identify to Improve

In order for managers to better understand their core makeup, specific traits and natural tendencies towards leadership and leadership performance, they should use reliable Individual assessments. Knowing what the team thinks of their leadership styles allows managers to appropriately adapt their management styles and understand areas that need improvement. The combined results enable a manager to understand how to improve their leadership qualities.

Managers should be held to a higher standard because of their level of responsibility, but their performance is rarely given the attention it deserves.

Individual Traits

In order for a company to determine how well each manager fits into their roles as leaders they should assess them individually. By using the assessments, in-depth, objective insight into each manager's thinking style, behavioral traits, occupational interests, and job fit in the organization is revealed. Certain behaviors or traits may incline one person to be a more effective manager over another, and assessments identify those traits. It is important that a manager's traits are strong enough to help him/her improve within a leadership role. If these traits do not support a leadership function, then that manager may need to be relocated to a new position.

A Team Perspective

A 360° survey assessment provides the managers and their teams the opportunity to give confidential feedback. These assessments combine feedback from peers, supervisors, customers, and employees. The results can be used to develop specific leadership skills that can improve a manager's overall effectiveness. This group perspective is helpful in pinpointing what areas of leadership a manager needs to develop.

Spend Now, Save Later

Organizations who are seeking to focus on management training and development should have a clear expected investment. They will discover misaligned communication within teams and improve issues that could inhibit productivity (usually investment related) with these types of assessment to ensure having objective information.

To guarantee that managers are held to the highest standard, they need to be aware of how they can improve their leadership styles. Providing managers with the appropriate tools to learn about their behaviors and personalities will enable them to adapt their skill sets to encompass a wider range of leadership capabilities. Continually coaching and developing managers ensures that the business will continue to grow.

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