Sales Talent Management

A highly productive sales force is the backbone of a successful business. Profiles International Middle East can help you select and manage sales professionals who will succeed in your unique culture.

How can you help your sales force succeed?

  • Understand their core behaviors
  • Provide insight into strengths and weaknesses
  • Help sales managers motivate and coach
  • Identify job fit of potential candidates

Improve Sales Hiring

Sales People Who Succeed

The "80/20 Rule" says that 80% of all products and services are sold by just 20 percent of the salespeople. This presents a challenge to sales executives who direct teams of salespeople. An analysis of several sales organizations concluded that about half of the people in the study lacked the behavioral characteristics required to effectively perform the duties that sales jobs require. Therefore, they should never have been hired for sales positions in the first place. The study found that of the remaining 50% had the potential for success in sales, but were not hired to sell the right kind of product or service. The study determined that only about 25% of those working in a sales position have a good match with the work they are doing. Thus, the "80/20 Rule" is only {i]valid because people lacking sales essentials get hired and others are not matched with the right products or services.

Three ways Profiles Sales Assessment helps hire, develop, and keep great salespeople

  1. Identify salespeople with the potential and experience for success
    When hiring, the objective is to hire candidates with characteristics of top sales performers. Profiles Sales Assessment accurately assesses critical characteristics essential to a great salesperson.

  2. Evaluate your current sales people
    Profiles Sales Assessment recommends specific training needs to boost success of your current salespeople.

  3. A more efficient on boarding process
    Profiles Sales Assessment reveals key strengths, weaknesses, and areas of interest that make placement, coaching, and training more effective. It also provides a report for sales managers that suggest how to best develop a solid, positive relationship with their team.

Profiles Sales Assessment is presented in an easy to understand sales language, and allows sales managers to generate management, placement-focused, or individual reports, anytime day or night.

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