Workplace Teams

In order to build an effective & high performance team, we require more than locating a group of high performers in one room and telling them to find a solution jointly. It is similar to keeping an effective team, which requires planning, managing, communication and decision making. By assessing individual strengths and weaknesses you will be able to build support, establish the conditions for effectiveness, and agree on your goals — then you are on the road to building a championship team.

Benefits of High-Performing Workforce Teams

  • Understand the strength and area of development in each team member.
  • Provide coaching and development tips
  • Study the harmony and build high performance teams
  • Reduce conflict and minimize failure
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Boost workforce engagement, morale and commitment

Team Building

Profiles Team Analysis: Build and Manage Great Teams

By analyzing each team member in 12 essential areas, the Profiles Team Analysis Report helps team leaders build on team strengths to obtain objectives through teamwork. The Profiles Team Analysis Report provides team leaders with:

  • A Team Balance Table
  • Analysis of key factors the team may lack, so team leaders can compensate for deficiencies
  • Analysis of each team member's strengths, so team leaders can better assign tasks
  • Summary of tasks a team leader can assign to promote teamwork
How Profiles Team Analysis Report Helps Your Organization

Team building is one of the most valuable activities you can do for your organization. It is important for team leaders to shape a group of individuals into an integral unit, so the team can work toward organizational objectives and goals.


Identify the core characteristics of individuals and use those to build a well-balanced, more productive, and efficient team.


Inspire individuals to look beyond differences and work together effectively.

Profiles International’s Team Analysis Report is a tangible and valuable team development tool for strengthening any work team.

Team Management

The Profiles Team Analysis Report helps team leaders get the most from every member of the team and effectively guide the way to the achievement of team goals. It does this by evaluating Team Balance and the Team's Strengths and Weaknesses.

Building a Relationship with Remote Employees Does Not Have to be Difficult

Profiles International's team management tools are designed to give an analysis of a team's dynamics and provide information and resources for developing, managing, and enhancing all types of teams.

An Instruction Manual for Every Employee on Your Team

Profiles Team Analysis Report will help you improve team development by:

  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each team member.
  • Assigning duties to team members based on their skill sets.
  • Identifying which team members have the ability to be team leaders.
  • Providing new approaches and practical tips for team success.

Team Leadership

Team leadership and chemistry are important elements that drive team success. Poor team dynamics and a team leader's lack of knowledge regarding team members' skill sets cause teams to become dysfunctional.

In addition to understanding team skills, it is important to understand how team members will work together. Profiles International's team leadership solutions provide the insight necessary to create and manage highly effective teams

Build and Lead Great Teams with Great Chemistry

The Profiles Team Analysis Report helps team leaders get the most from every member of the team and effectively achieve team goals. The Profiles Team Analysis Report:

  • Determines which team member would be the best to lead.
  • Provides team leaders with the core characteristics of each team member and predicts how team members will work together.
  • Supplies team leaders with a blueprint for team development that delivers maximum results.
  • Alerts leaders to team strengths, and important areas where the team may be lacking characteristics necessary for growth.
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